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A little about what I do and how I can help your creative agency...

As an award-winning creative director and senior copywriter, I've led the ideation, creation and execution of all sorts of campaigns for all sorts of brands.


At the risk of tooting my own trumpet too loudly, in all the agencies I’ve worked for I’ve been highly regarded for my left-of-centre thinking and wordsmithery* (not actually a real word), and have led the winning teams for my last NINE competitive pitches in a row.


So, if you need someone to lead the brainstorming of big ideas, backed up by the right insights, human truths and savvy strategy, and then present that to the client in a way that facilitates their buy-in, then that's me.

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Copywriting is my forte. Conceptual, social, short or long form, you name it. I've written everything from scripts for TVCs, webisodes and online videos, brand mission statements, product labelling, press releases, trade journal articles, album biographies and more. I am also the published author of a children's picture book called BAREBUM BILLY and two high fantasy novels, THE WYVERN AND THE WOLF and THE RONIN AND THE REGIME.


Am I creative?  Hmm... well, I once convinced Grant Denyer to pair up with an obnoxious garden gnome, tried to employ chimpanzees to sell smart TVs, made a client cry with an emotive idea for selling support bandages, harnessed retinal after-glow in people's eyes to challenge a common perception, leveraged Santa Claus and his proverbial "lump o' coal" to stop climate change, and re-animated a resuscitation mannequin to berate Aussies into learning CPR.

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A star graduate of the Australian Film & Television School’s​ prestigious Directing course, I have written and directed TVCs for the likes of Gillette, VB, Voltaren, Oral-B, IGA, Destination NSW, and a gamut of brands across finance, FMCG, health and technology. A recent online film I made for the NRL called The Maika Sivo Story saw record engagement, breaking all records for the brand and receiving global earned media. I continue to write screenplays, direct my own short films and am developing my first feature film.

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First off, let's acknowledge just how interminably beige, banal and boring a word "content" really is. Platitudinous and ubiquitous, “content” stands for nothing and yet everything at the same time. It's why I wrote a piece in B&T called Can We Please Stop Using The C-Word. Check it out. It's... errr... great content. Anyway, let's just say I'm skilled in crafting online stuff that people actually engage with.

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