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Adventures in AI-generated imagery

The above images were all created using AI.
To be clear, however, none of them are art.


It is my strong belief that art is, by definition, human. It requires a soul behind it. Experience. Emotion.
A lived understanding of our physical and psychological worlds. None of which AI (currently) possesses.


Generative AI tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E etc are merely a facsimile of art. AI borrows, steals, copies, hallucinates, and as it does, what it creates ultimately lies somewhere between mimicry and monstrosity.

As such, it is accidentally beautiful on occasion. But that is all. It is never, ever art. Nor are any of the images you'll see here, no matter how pretty or clever or even emotional they might appear.


As a creative, however, I find AI to be a powerful tool to sell in an idea or achieve a look and feel that would otherwise take an extensive briefing process with a professional illustrator, designer or finished artist. And unfortunately, the world is simply moving at too fast a pace for that now.


That said, using Generative AI requires a degree of creative and imaginative skill – both in terms of the inception of the idea AND then in crafting the right prompt so that the AI will execute it as imagined (or visualised). And that's what I've attempted to do with these images.

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